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Is there any obligation when I submit my info?

Absolutely not. We will research your property, come out and look at it, and make you a GUARANTEED CASH OFFER…. all without any obligation or expense from you. You will then have options to decide the best path for you. If you choose to keep your home, remodel it yourself, or sell through a realtor, you are not obligated to American Home Buyer for anything.

Are there any fees or commissions?

There are NO fees or commissions when you sell your house to Sell to Mika. We never charge any fees for our services. We do not ask for any repairs or repair allowances at closing. In fact, we pay all closing costs. This means you don’t pay anything except what you owe, (like your mortgage, liens, taxes, HOA fees, etc.), or any fees you may incur to clear your title. The final agreement we both sign will plainly say that “BUYER PAYS ALL CLOSING COSTS,” and “BUYER ACCEPTS THE PROPERTY AS IS and REQUIRES NO REPAIRS.”

How Does The Process Work?

Once you contact us by phone or our form, we will ask some questions about the property and its condition. We will research the value of your home. We will make an appointment to come see inside your Home. Typically, we will make you an offer while there. If you accept our offer, we will sign an agreement with you and submit it to a title company who will process the sale through a “Closing.” Once the title company has all the information they need, we all will meet at the title company to “Close” the transaction. You will receive your funds at that closing. We normally expect to take possession of the property that day.

What Type And Condition Of Houses Do You Buy?

Sell To Mika primarily buys single-family houses, town-homes, and condominiums in the Houston area. We will buy your house in ANY condition! We will also buy your house under just about any circumstance or problem, like Divorce, Inheritance, Need of Repairs, etc.

What Price Can I Expect? (Will it really be FAIR?)

Sell To Mika will make you a fair offer on your house. Our offer must make sense for you and for us as an investment. We buy houses below market value in exchange for saving you the time, expense and effort of fixing up and marketing the house the traditional route… through a realtor. Because we can pay cash, you don’t have the delays of having to wait on a buyer to get approved for financing. Additionally, you avoid all the time, headaches and costs associated with repairs, staging, home showings, and realtor fees. Also, if we come out and make an offer on your house, there is never any obligation.

If you have the time, money and patience to go the conventional route of selling through a realtor, then you probably don’t need our services. However, there are several things you can count on: we will always be open and honest with you; we will do what we say, and you will never be coerced to do something you don’t want to. You can read testimonials from our hundreds of happy customers who found that our price was fair… they were glad they took it and avoided all the hassle of repairing and selling their house. You really have nothing to lose by allowing us to make an offer on your house, then you can decide if our offer is “fair.”

How Do I Get My Money?

If we are buying your home for cash, you receive your money at the Closing at the Title Company. They usually wire your funds into your account at the closing, or shortly thereafter (if its late in the day, some banks will not wire until the next Business day).  If you accepted our Wholesale option, then funds can take a day or two, depending on when the end buyer closes and funds. Sometimes, if you desire to get more money for your property by owner financing some of the price for us, this would effect how much cash you receive at closing. This of course, would be spelled out in the agreement you sign.

How Long Do I Have To Move?

We can arrange the closing date to meet your needs. Sometimes, homeowners have already moved out and would like to close within a week or two. Sometimes they even want to close in a few days, which we can do. However, many times a homeowner will need time to find somewhere to move to, and this may take 30, 60 or more days. We understand this and can make arrangements accordingly.

Are you “listing” my house or actually buying it?

We are not real estate agents, and we don’t list houses. We are a private and professional home buying company. We actually buy and sell the homes we make offers on. Occasionally we will keep some of the homes we buy as rental units, but most of them are resold.

How do you determine what price to offer on my house?

Pretty simple actually. We do an in-house appraisal of what your house should sell for once it is repaired and updated to the best standard of your neighborhood. To do this, we look at comparable homes that have sold in the last 6 months in your area. From that anticipated sale price we have to subtract what it will cost to update the house to get it to that best standard. Then we subtract the expenses we incur to buy, hold and sell the house. And finally, we have to add in our profit! The balance is what we can offer you. When we show up at your house, all we need is to estimate the repairs/updates we believe are needed, and we can then make you our best offer on the spot. But there is more than price to our offer. What about your other needs? We try and offer solutions to your whole situation. Maybe you need to close fast? Maybe you need a sticky probate situation worked out? Maybe you need to leave behind  some items (or a bunch of items) with the house? Maybe you need us to help keep the peace in a messy divorce? These are all situations that we are experts at. Obviously we hope the price works for you, but we try and do everything we can to meet your other needs as well!

How are you different from a real estate agent

We are an investment company that actually buys and sells homes for a profit. Real Estate agents work for you and charge you a commission on the sale price when the property is sold. A real estate agent has to market and show your house to prospective buyers in hopes to produce a sale. If Sell To Mike buys your home for cash, you don’t have to market it or show it to anyone but us. (If you chose our Wholesale option, you will usually have to give us access to show it once or twice.) It typically takes a real estate agent 6 months or more to find a buyer for your house. If we buy it, we can usually close within 7 to 30 days. Real estate agents will typically want you to repair and update your house as much as possible in order to better present it to perspective buyers. If we buy it, we want it just like it is right now. If the real estate agent finds a buyer, they then have to get approved for financing, and the house must pass inspection. By selling to us, you avoid all these hassles.

How Does American Home Buyer Get Paid?

We make our money by selling the properties we buy for a profit. Our goal is to purchase properties that can be increased in value and desirability by a remodel. We never charge you any fees. In fact, we pay all the closing costs.

Am I Obligated If You Make Me An Offer On My House?

No. Initially we usually make you a verbal offer for your house. We do not consider either of us “legally” obligated until we actually sign a contract. Once you decide you want to accept our offer and you sign a contract, we both have an obligation to follow through with the sale as described in that contract. You should never sign a contract until you have carefully considered the terms and are willing to follow through. If you feel uncomfortable signing a contract, you may want to involve an attorney and or other family members who can advise you. Fortunately, our contracts are relatively simple since we buy houses “as-is.”

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