Sell To Mika will make you a fair offer on your house. Our offer must make sense for you and for us as an investment. We buy houses below market value in exchange for saving you the time, expense and effort of fixing up and marketing the house the traditional route… through a realtor. Because we can pay cash, you don’t have the delays of having to wait on a buyer to get approved for financing. Additionally, you avoid all the time, headaches and costs associated with repairs, staging, home showings, and realtor fees. Also, if we come out and make an offer on your house, there is never any obligation.

If you have the time, money and patience to go the conventional route of selling through a realtor, then you probably don’t need our services. However, there are several things you can count on: we will always be open and honest with you; we will do what we say, and you will never be coerced to do something you don’t want to. You can read testimonials from our hundreds of happy customers who found that our price was fair… they were glad they took it and avoided all the hassle of repairing and selling their house. You really have nothing to lose by allowing us to make an offer on your house, then you can decide if our offer is “fair.”