How Does American Home Buyer Get Paid?

We make our money by selling the properties we buy for a profit. Our goal is to purchase properties that can be increased in value and desirability by a remodel. We never charge you any fees. In [...]

How Long Do I Have To Move?

We can arrange the closing date to meet your needs. Sometimes, homeowners have already moved out and would like to close within a week or two. Sometimes they even want to close in a few days, [...]

How Do I Get My Money?

If we are buying your home for cash, you receive your money at the Closing at the Title Company. They usually wire your funds into your account at the closing, or shortly thereafter (if its late [...]

How Does The Process Work?

Once you contact us by phone or our form, we will ask some questions about the property and its condition. We will research the value of your home. We will make an appointment to come see inside [...]

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