We are an investment company that actually buys and sells homes for a profit. Real Estate agents work for you and charge you a commission on the sale price when the property is sold. A real estate agent has to market and show your house to prospective buyers in hopes to produce a sale. If Sell To Mike buys your home for cash, you don’t have to market it or show it to anyone but us. (If you chose our Wholesale option, you will usually have to give us access to show it once or twice.) It typically takes a real estate agent 6 months or more to find a buyer for your house. If we buy it, we can usually close within 7 to 30 days. Real estate agents will typically want you to repair and update your house as much as possible in order to better present it to perspective buyers. If we buy it, we want it just like it is right now. If the real estate agent finds a buyer, they then have to get approved for financing, and the house must pass inspection. By selling to us, you avoid all these hassles.