Pretty simple actually. We do an in-house appraisal of what your house should sell for once it is repaired and updated to the best standard of your neighborhood. To do this, we look at comparable homes that have sold in the last 6 months in your area. From that anticipated sale price we have to subtract what it will cost to update the house to get it to that best standard. Then we subtract the expenses we incur to buy, hold and sell the house. And finally, we have to add in our profit! The balance is what we can offer you. When we show up at your house, all we need is to estimate the repairs/updates we believe are needed, and we can then make you our best offer on the spot. But there is more than price to our offer. What about your other needs? We try and offer solutions to your whole situation. Maybe you need to close fast? Maybe you need a sticky probate situation worked out? Maybe you need to leave behind  some items (or a bunch of items) with the house? Maybe you need us to help keep the peace in a messy divorce? These are all situations that we are experts at. Obviously we hope the price works for you, but we try and do everything we can to meet your other needs as well!